Japan Alumni of Cambodia, better known as JAC is one of the oldest and biggest alumni association of Cambodians studying oversea.

With the increasing number and significance of alumni’s presence in Cambodia, a group of Japan graduates, who share a common view on the importance of binding the alumni network, have initiated the establishment of Japan Alumni of Cambodia (JAC) .

The official establishment of JAC was held on August 31, 2002

As to assist Cambodia’s rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts, Japan has resumed the provision of scholarship to Cambodia in 1992 in order to equip the latter with new seeds of human resource to support the social base of the country. Thanks to this, many Cambodian students have pursued their dream of quality education in Japan, home of the inspiration of cutting-edge technologies and the second largest economy in the world.

Since then, an ever-increasing number of graduates of various scholarships, and even self-financed students have returned home and are playing important roles within Cambodian society, be that of public servants, private sectors, academic institutions, and NGOs.

In June 2006, JAC was formally accepted as a member of ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA). Being a member of ASCOJA, we are cultivating further the growth opportunity and the extension of a network beyond Cambodia. After this accession, the President’s term was increased to a two-year term to match with other member associations in ASCOJA.

Our Goal
Our goal is to become a strong “social and brain network” of alumni from Japan that can effectively contribute to the development of Cambodia, and promotion of Cambodia-Japan bilateral relations and beyond.

Our Objectives
• To bind and strengthen social network of Japan Alumni
• To bind and strengthen the network of Japan alumni with Japanese community network as well as other institutions who support our goal
• To promote cultural exchanges between Cambodia and Japan, and beyond
• To promote academic exchanges through dissemination of thesis, and academic seminars
• To provide information related to life and study in Japan, as well as the information related to professional societies in Cambodia
• To promote community service through the form of charity programs especially in the field of education

Our Activities
Bearing above Goal and Objectives, JAC has four categories of activities, although the actual content, scope and, scale of the activities can be adjusted or expanded according to change and development of JAC itself.
o Social Networking
o Academic Exchanges
o Cultural Exchanges
o Community Service

Some of our highlighted activities:
1. Annual Gathering of Japan Alumni twice a year: Khmer New Year in April, and JAC Bonenkai party in December)
2. Public talk, career talk or other seminars to share experience
3. Recruitment of students for youth exchange program in Japan: NIYE Junior Program in Oct/Nov, Toshiba Youth Camp Asia in March, EACAT homestay program..
4. Disbursement of scholarship to university students in the field of technical, engineering, and agricultural. Currently, around yearly 10 students from NTTI and Preak Leap National College of Agriculture have received the scholarship from JAC. Best Reviews