Committee Board 2017-2019

JAC Committee Board (2017-2019)

English Khmer Institution Former University in Japan
President Dr. VUTHY MONYRATH វុទ្ទី មុនីរ័ត្ន Taiwa Seiki (Cambodia) Corporation Chiba University
Vice President
(University & Academic Relation)
Dr. THUN VATHANA ធន់ វឌ្ឍនា Prek Leap National College of Agriculture Nagoya University,
Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology
Vice President
(Government & Public Sector Relation)
Mr. SIM VIREAK ស៊ឹម​ វីរៈ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation The University of Tokyo
Hitotsubashi University
Vice President
(Japan & Private Sector Relation)
Mr. SOM CHANRATANA សោម ច័ន្ទរតនា Gap Inc. Global Sustainablity International University of Japan
Vice President
(Social Activities, and Civil Society Relation)
Mr. EAR CHARIYA អ៊ា ចរិយា The Institute for Road Safety The University of Tokyo
Secretary General Mr. NONG SOVANNAK នង ​សុវណ្ណៈ Mitsui & Co.,Ltd Representative Office in Phnom Penh Nagoya University,
Kyushu University
Deputy Secretary General Ms. SIM DARY ស៊ីម ដារី Entrepreneur Chiba University
Treasurer Ms. EANG LINA អៀង លីណា Entrepreneur The University of Tokyo
Academic Officer Ms. NAM SOUTEANG ណាំ ស៊ូទាង SAJIBUMI (Cambodia) Co.Ltd. Nagoya University
Academic Officer Ms. LEANG Sokhom លៀងសុខុម IDP Cambodia Nagoya University
PR and Culture Officer Ms. LIM HOUNG លីម ហ៊ូង Entrepreneur Maebashi College of Technology
IT Officer Mr. HENG SOKHA ហេង សុខា Royal Univerisity of Phnom Penh Waseda University
Administration Officer Mr. KHUN SAMLOTH ឃុន សំឡូត Taiwa Seiki (Cambodia) Corporation Tsukuba University


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